Barging in France – a traveling adventure

It began many many months ago – Leslie would join Chris on a business trip to London, Germany and Paris. Cris and I would meet them in Paris and we’d do a canal barging trip.

Time passed, plans were made and sooner than we knew it, it would be Joigny to Montbard on the Canal du Bourgone. My frequent flyer mile were put to good use September would be our date with destiny. In the case destiny came in the form of a 4-sleeper boat from Locaboat.

Chris and Leslie left what seemed and age ahead of use to conduct Chris’ insurance and risk business all over the show, while we conducted the business of our lives which entailed harassed wranglings with building contractors, colleagues, clients and service providers, all of which left us in dire need of a holiday. The last few weeks and days played out against the backdrop of our ailing kitty, Cookie, who is battling with an untreatable lymphoma. Leaving her and here sister and brothers at the kitty-hotel may be the last we see her. Luckily, as I write this on the barge moored up outside the town of Tonerre, reports from home are good and Cookie is eating up a storm and doing well. This is a relief to us knowing we’ll have her little welcoming face and bright eyes on our return.

In case any diligent readers are wondering about how this seemingly retrospective diary is being written, wonder no further – yes, it’s being written in the past. There have been a few disruptions to our holiday, luggage has been lost, internet have been absent and the dull, slow life of rural France has proved a hinderance to getting writing done.

Stay tuned for further adventures….

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