I have been fortunate enough to visit Greenland five times over the past 5 years on business. Each time I have done my best o capture the essence of the place through my lens. I have been there in the height of summer, where the sun vanished for but an hour or two and took three hours to set. I have been there in winter when it was dark for two weeks, with just a mere lightening of the sky when it wasn’t snowing. It’s a place of contrasts. The most notable is that it’s not green, but dull grey and brown. Houses are painted vibrant colours to give the environment a touch of cheer. Town planning takes on a survivalist attitude as the cold takes no prisoners and a moment’s inattention can bring s swift demise. Hunting is a way of life for inhabitants, and stretched musk-ox skins can often be seen alongside the highest technology communications equipment.

Greenland is a special place; a place like no other.