Israel – stage 1: getting there

Having the privilege of something really special often means there’s a sacrifice to be made somewhere else. Living in South Africa, and Cape Town specifically, and traveling to, well, pretty much anywhere overseas is somewhat of a mission. Very few direct international flights leave from Cape Town, and those that do have an extra two hours added to the flight, or even the added bonus of another stop elsewhere en route to stock up on fuel and passengers.

My journey to Tel Aviv was no exception – direct to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines meant a stop over in Durban, and with a tight connecting time of just over an hour, things were always going to be interesting somewhere along the line. However, we arrived on time. They said it was Istanbul, but I suspect they were lying as we travelled overland for what seemed like and age. And when I disembarked to catch my connecting flight, there was an unfathomable amount of other passengers wanting to do the same. However, it’s great to see a well-oiled process do its thing, and we shuffled through in short order. Security at the boarding gate was another story though – flights to Israel are earmarked for special treatment, and probably rightly so. With a sense of humour we all managed fine, found our seats and behaved like patient travellers.

The idea behind this trip is that I’m meeting Cris here – she’s been here for almost a week now on business, and we’re tacking on a few days extra for leisure (try telling that to airport immigration). It’s hot. DAMN hot. It’s also pretty. So I made an image of a dustbin on the beach. Hope you like it!


     Aperture: ƒ/2.8 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Copyright: Copyright Focal length: 55mm ISO: 100 Shutter speed: 1/8000s
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