Jerusalem – the Old City at night

We’ve not used AirBnB before, and if our experience in Jerusalem is their standard offering, we’ll definitely be using them again. Wow! is all we can say. Really topnotch stuff from start to finish. It also helps that we picked a fantastic location – just a short walk from the New Gate into Jerusalem’s Old City.

After settling in, we did the requisite grocery shopping. With a twist… We managed to find the most amazing market where we got cheese, baklava, dates, more cheese and granola. The granola looks to be enough for our stay, but may not last the night at this rate. The stuff is delicious!! Our apartment is a duplex, and the stairs are pretty steep, and after this evening’s marathon walk on the cobbles of the Old City, we may need more than a few espressos to get up to bed…

The image I’ve included this evening was a ‘grab shot’ as I saw a Hasidic couple walking towards me out of the light into a darkened street. They’re just a silhouette, but it epitomises the old City at night. I love the glare coming off the shiny cobbles of the street surface. The contrast between this evening and daytime two days ago is strangely creepy – at lunchtime, you can’t move, and you can’t be heard over the din. At night, there’s no one about, and it’s eerily quiet. It’s really quite an experience.


     Aperture: ƒ/2.8 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Focal length: 50mm ISO: 3200 Shutter speed: 1/30s
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