Leaving Copenhagen. Adventure completed.

(this post is for Friday, 16 September 2011)

So today we are leaving the land of Hans Christian Andersen. And of course Eric Ericsson, Magnus Magnussen, Eric Magnussen and Magnus Ericsson. Our time here in Copenhagen has been wonderful, marred only by its brevity. And some nasty weather as we’ve been here as the season has changed. We have bid summer goodbye, and grudgingly welcomed autumn. The change from one season to another was abrupt, as if a switch had been flicked. Our warm jackets and fleeces have all seen a lot of action, but still we think we could have been warmer. Winter here must be a trial indeed. I’ve witnessed winter here for a day at a time, and interminable icy conditions, grey skies and incessant rain, sleet and snow must be difficult enough for locals, let alone foreigners from warmer climes.

Nadja’s apartment has been fantastic, and it’s as I write this, things are being rearranged into an order in which we found them. While still small, the apartment has been spacious for us to spread out, rather than been awfully cramped as we were in Stockholm. That must the the Stockholm Syndrome that everyone’s talking about – being cramped in one’s own living space. Self-catering has been interesting, with our first sortie into the store yielding a mixed bag of goodies. Coffee had been high on the agenda, and of course, we needed milk to go with that. Why we chose 1.5% fat pouring sour cream is still a mystery. Initial investigations led us to believe that we couldn’t actually read the Danish label properly. We have since learned, and coffee tastes far better.

Copenhagen has been an easy city. People all speak English without exception, and are friendly too. There are many foreigners here from all parts of the world, and it would seem that Denmark is a welcoming country. As with all first-world cities, Copenhagen is no exception in having a first-class transit system. Buses, trains and boats are all fully integrated, and once figured out are a cinch to use. We made the most of our Copenhagen Card and will be using it one last time to get to Kastrup Airport later today.

We have one last foray into town to complete – Illums and a Danish cutlery set. We’ve decided to splash out and get a new cutlery set for home. The one we got from Gran at our wedding hasn’t worn out, but pieces have been spirited away over the years. We’ve had to make sure that we have left space in our bag, as we’re pretty sure airport security will have an issue with a 24-piece cutlery set being smuggled on as hand luggage.

So it’s off to Dubai, and a spot of internet access. I plan on sifting through a few images to include in blog posts that are ready and waiting to be posted. It’s the only thing we’ve missed here at the apartment – the interwebz. Oddly we’ve survived. Will this survival mode transition well once we get home?

     Aperture: ƒ/2.8 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Focal length: 200mm ISO: 100 Shutter speed: 1/400s
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