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In need of a bite?

Never to let the weary traveller run out of sustenance, the friendly nutrition kiosk is at hand. They sell pretty much anything you could wish to stuff into your face. Or NOT stuff into your face, as the case may … Continue reading

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Blond wood, blond people, Scandinavian design!

Our first full day in Stockholm dawned bright and clear. Friends living here were seen to be doing anti-rain dances, and these seem to have worked very well. Thank you Kalle! Fed, and probably fatter, we walked along the water’s … Continue reading

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Prague – A Bohemian Rhapsody

The first dawned, and we snored at its arrival. There really was little chance we’d be up anywhere close to daybreak. So we slept in, and made the most of our awesome room in New Town Apartments. It was close … Continue reading

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Deserted in the desert

Today, there are no sage words of wisdom, nor will the there be promptings of a debate. Time has done what time does, and flown away with not even a whisper, leaving me gasping this evening wondering what I’m going … Continue reading

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Capturing new images. And finding old ones…

As a photographer, there is a constant desire to be out there shooting new frames in new locations, to try out new ideas or simply to shoot a favourite once more. Now, in today’s age of technology and other geeky … Continue reading

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Advantages of goal-based photography projects

Oh my! Have things degraded so quickly that at this point in my blogging career that I’m already resorting to dispensing self-help advice. Well, not quite. You might recall that I said that this blog would be about photography and … Continue reading

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And so it began…

My blog Why? Well, you may ask! Why indeed! Why does anyone want or need a blog? Questions, questions, questions. These have run around my head for ages, and not one of them answered adequately. So I’ve decided to take … Continue reading

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