Tel Aviv by night

Tel Aviv Night 1 1Tel Aviv Night 1 1tel-aviv-night-1-1It’s been a few days since we got back, and while bags have been unpacked, image backups have been made and credit cards paid, Israel is still a strong memory. It was such a short trip, yet has had a profound impact on us. Probably because it was so relaxing!

When Cris went earlier this year, she told me about the vibrant nightlife along the beachfront in Tel Aviv. I thought I had an idea what to expect, but I was wrong. During the day, it’s quite chilled and a bit sleepy even, like because of the heat. At night though, the place comes alive. And not just for for a few hours around sunset. We’re talking LATE into the night. Seeing someone set off on their daily jog at 10pm is not unexpected. Kids and dogs. Roller blades and bicycles. You really have to keep your wits to not get run over by someone or something.

Restaurants absolutely thrive in this place. The one we managed to find a table at after a mercifully brief wait turned over patrons at a rate of knots. We were spared though and had a peaceful seafood meal.



Tel Aviv Night 1 1

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  1. Leslie says:

    Trev, I think you have sold us on Israel as a destination. Looking forward to hearing about the trip in detail!

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