The saga of the absentee blogger

You’ve seen it all before. All these free blog sites set up to capture the thoughts and ramblings of the everyday journalist. Well, I feared I was going to let this digital home of mine turn into the same.

The truth was that life was beginning to get in the way. As it turns out, birthing a blog into the world was more work than I anticipated it to be and work, travel, and life comittments snuck up and snookered what I thought was a promising start. So this post goes out to Mike Sands, a colleague who’s been pricking me to keep blogging. Thanks Mike!So here goes Round #2. I have regained time, space, and energy to revitalise this project. In the meantime, I leave you with two images that were take with my phone, documenting my recent travels to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Below is the first floor of the new Ministry of Mines building. They put in the usual foundations and floor slab as well as main supporting pillars. They then build a lattice-work of stick supports on which they lay metal shuttering onto which concrete is poured. This makes the first floor level. They managed all this work in just three days…

You can see the buildings in the background – these were built using the same techniques. It’s truly Flintstone Engineering at its best! (the image was a set taken and stitched on my fone. iPhone FTW!!)

I traveled to Addis on business which was training of our computer system that we’ve installed in the Ministry of Mines there. Below is an image of the network we used to serve out the system to ad hoc users in a room with no regular network points… As crazy as it seems, it worked. And worked well.

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