Blond wood, blond people, Scandinavian design!

Our first full day in Stockholm dawned bright and clear. Friends living here were seen to be doing anti-rain dances, and these seem to have worked very well. Thank you Kalle! Fed, and probably fatter, we walked along the water’s edge, away from the cruise ship terminal past office parks into a semi-industrial area. At least it seemed that way until we were passed by joggers, dog-walkers and the occasional baby being pushed in a stroller. This was a residential area. The bottom floor of the building appears to be office space, while the floors above were either apartments, or possibly more offices. Peering into the windows, it seemed as if each of the offices were rented by architect or design studios. Later we’d reflect on this…

We caught a water taxi into town from outside our hotel. There we were greeted by a parade of some sort. Being a kingdom, this was possibly Swede’s equivalent of the ‘Changing of the Guard’, just done the Swedish way – fun and funky!

We passed by Illums Bolighus, a Scandinavian department store, feature different designers of various household items. This is an amazing place, and should be seen as a Mecca for anyone vaguely interested in any household or kitchen item. Georg Jensen, Marie Mekko, Menu and more are featured. Many of these items are nothing you haven’t seen before. After all, a spoon is a spoon is a spoon. However, done the Scandinavian way, form definitely surpasses function. Elegant design combined perfect materials make for much lusting after.

After a spot of retail therapy, we hopped and hopped off some more water transport on our way to Fotografiska. An Exhibit by Robert Mapplethorpe is currently running, and the amazing images he captured during his life as a professional photographer are perfectly at home in this wonderful city. (for those of you looking for his images, be warned. That’s all I’m saying…)
Gamla Stan was the final point for the day. And a highlight too. Having finally figured out the transport system, we found our way there, dines sumptuously, and made our way directly home with little trouble.

Reflecting on the day, we now know that not all Swedes are blonde, nor is all Swedish wood blonde, but by golly, their design is impeccable.

Galleries for these images a here: Water’s Edge and Nighttime

     Aperture: ƒ/5 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Focal length: 50mm ISO: 100 Shutter speed: 1/160s
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