Local living

I think it’s safe to say that we’re addicted to travel. The only issue with this addiction is that it’s pretty pricey, so often the main aim is to minimise the costs while still getting an experience that isn’t limited. An example would be to choose cheaper accommodation, but far out of town. This will mean that extra time, effort and expense will be spent on getting to where you want to be. And back again.

So one of the options we’ve discovered is renting an apartment for a short period. There are countless services offering these, most notably, AirBnB. We chose AirBnB for Jerusalem, and we weren’t disappointed. It was great. The searching on AirBnB gives you a chance to read reviews, look at images of the place and even see where it is on a map. Coupled with Google Maps and Streetview, you can be pretty confident of what you’re booking will meet your needs. That’s not to say that you WON’T ever be surprised, but it certainly reduces the risk. In the case of Jerusalem, we WERE surprised. in a good way. It was a great stay. It even had a Nespresso machine.

And we see one of the perks of getting our own place as having to go shopping for groceries. Rented apartments almost always have a kitchen, pots and cooking utensils. So in Jerusalem, to make these work, we headed off to Mahane Yehuda Market to get stuff.

Tel-Aviv-Night-1-1.jpg Tel-Aviv-Night-1-1.jpg market201609201

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