Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the biggest castle in the world. Made so by the original settlement of an outlook over what is now Prague in the 9th century. Inside the castle are a number of cathedrals, abbeys, palaces, the list goes on. Walking around the place one gets the feeling that it’s growth was akin to someone starting out to build an anvil, and ending with an airplane. In this case, an Airbus A380.

The castle is HUGE. A single entry fee is valid for two days, giving visitors access to each ‘site’ once during that time. We walked ourselves into a coma on a day meant for sightseeing. The weather played ball, and in true fashion, so did all the other tourists in Prague. Which was good, as we were able to tag onto the tour groups, picking up snippets of info here and there. So if you want to know all about St Vitus in German, drop me a mail, and I’ll fill you in… However, if you want to know about St George’s Basilica, I can only let you know about it in Italian.

It truly is a magnificent place, and well worth the visit, even at twice the price. The sense of history is astounding. The architectural accomplishments with what must have been rudimentary technology makes the mind boggle.

Right now, the weather has turned, and overcast skies give clue to a raining afternoon and tomorrow. Nothing Prague has to offer will be any different to what we’ve already seen, so we’re going to find a place that serves good coffee and awesome pastries. It’s 12 noon, and it seems that this time on a Wednesday is greeted by war-time air-raid sirens. How strange.

So we bid you au revoir until later…

Oh, and before I forget, the link to the images in this post and more can be found here.

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  1. Leslie Ives says:

    An eagerly awaited post that didn’t disappoint. I’m hoping that you have some info on this castle in Latvian… Castle looks incredible! Love the pics…

  2. Marion says:

    wow! This looks amazing. wish I was there. Sounds like you are both having a great time. love the pics too. Will show mum.

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