The aftermath – a New World Symphony

Prague streets are mostly cobble stones, and yesterday’s trudge left our feet in tatters. Today we decided that the same would be a bad idea. We took it easy and wandered down our side of the river, avoiding a crowded Charles Bridge, and walking past the yellow plastic penguins, giant faceless babies and further south to Palackeho Most. ‘Most’ is a bridge in Czech. And this one is where the famous ‘Fred and Ginger Dancing House’ is.

We never made it that far, as it began raining. We dove for cover in a shopping centre of all places, and went for lunch. This was a bad idea. Or at least the place I chose was. Crepes they said. Well, we felt just like that afterwards. Cris’ feet felt the need for a spot of retail therapy which involved walking, while I found a wifi spot at a coffee shop and Kindled my time away. Outside, the weather turned from dull and grey to dull and partly sunny. The waitress was kind and patient and brought excellent coffee and tiramisu. I tipped generously. Cris came back with a ‘Prague jacket’. The black Zara coat looks lovely. Caspar is sure looking forward to meeting it.

We decided to head off to the PragueMunicipal House, which Cris recalled as being very pretty inside and out, and headed into the belly of Prague once more. Sadly, the visual delights were missing, replaced by some dull and dreary subway station décor. Each station we passed brightened up, and soon were were longing to jump off fro some sightseeing, but at peak hour, decided not to, and travelled as responsible passengers.

We were met by a throng of people at the Municipal House, booking tickets for the evenings concerts. The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra were playing Mozart and Dvorak. At a mere K?1400 a ticket, we thought this a bargain, and got two for 8pm. We were delighted for an hour by magical music by musicians. Dvorak IS my favourite composer, and lived much of his life in Prague. Mozart too lived here for a time, and many touristy trinkets bear witness to this. The rendition of the New World Symphony was breathtaking, and the experience was over far too soon.

This evening will live with us forever. And afterwards, we both agreed; the viola-player* kicked a$$!

Note: The gallery that goes with this is here

* Rather funny jibe at viola-players ?.

     Aperture: ƒ/3.5 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Focal length: 50mm ISO: 12800 Shutter speed: 1/15s
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