Reflecting on Grand Dedale

Grand Dedale was a place to be experienced. From lounging around in the massive reading room with delicious port and sherry and arm-stretch away to lazy walks along the river through orange orchards and vineyards, it truly wonderful.

The next time we have an excuse to be in Wellington, we won’t hesitate to make a turn past there.

Thanks Angelo and your team for the fantastic end to our holiday!

Grande Dedale - Inside

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Grand Dedale – Cape Dutch architecture with an Art Deco twist

Grand Dedale’s manor house dates back to the initial settlement of the Cape in the early 1700s. Architecture is traditional Cape Dutch, with high ceilings, massive windows, thick walls and large rooms. This has been given a twist with and nice Art Deco treatment. The scale of the rooms and roof beams add a wonderful feel to being there.

Grand Dedale - Reading room

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Luxurious luxury

If there was ever a thing such as luxurious luxury, it’d be known better as Grand Dedale.

We were greeted by Angelo on our arrival, and very soon after decided to stay an  extra night as it was so wonderful. His two ‘manor kitties’ were a pleasure to meet.

We spent the rest of the day lazing about reading and snoozing, feeling really pampered. That night, dinner was a splendid Kudu fillet, curry dusted and done to perfection.

You can find more information on Grand Dedale at

Grand Dedale - Foyer

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Grand Dedale – A Country Manor House

After our untamed days in Tankwa we decided to treat ourselves to a spot of luxury. While looking for a a place for my sister and brother-in-law a while before, we spotted Grand Dedale and recommended it. Sadly, it was full when they tried to book, but we took the opportunity to try it out on the way back from Tankwa. And we’re really glad we did. It’s awesome.

Grande Dedale - Patio

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    Cow on green

    This is one of the neighbourhood cows at Grand Dedale. Wasn’t very friendly though, but still quite photogenic. For a cow…

    And the cow goes 'moo'

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      The morning after…

      The storm that has appeared a few days earlier in Tankwa seemed to linger about in Wellington, and the morning after left a clear and fresh day. Grand Dedale is home to a number of horses and cows and these are some of the paddocks that they call home…


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        A treat sweeter than sweet

        After roughing it for a few days, we moved on to Wellington to a spot of luxury at Grand Dedale guesthouse. This is set below Bain’s Kloof Pass just outside Wellington, and it’s simply magnificent. Angelo and his two cats put us right at home. Walking through the grounds we came across this orange orchard. The oranges were just too good not to eat…

        Oranges and more oranges

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          Offroad into the sky

          We were told that the offroad trails in Tankwa were pretty easy. We took this as a subjective statement, and prepared for the worst. Our offroad skills aren’t the greatest, but our car was more than up to the task. Here is a us at the top of what seemed like and impossible gradient…

          Top of the world

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            The low-down on mudcracks

            Tankwa may be hilly, but there are many flat parts too. This was one such, where an earlier winter rain had caused a summer’s dust to form a muddy layer in a flat depression. As this water evaporated, the mud was exposed and dried out, causing it to crack in weird and wonderful ways. Getting low down and getting the sun involved made for an interesting capture…




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            Thunder and lighting

            Tankwa has the most amazing skies, with no human interference, settlement or anything, one can see for miles and miles. The oncoming storm we saw heralded it’s arrival with a lighting show on a small escarpment in the distance. Capturing these events is a lot easier than one might think as just leaving your camera to take a series of long exposures will guarantee some success.

            Fire in the sky

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