Stockholm #2









Afternoon sun in Stockholm was amazing. It gave everything a warm and slightly old feeling. This is one of the waterways around the city. Such a lovely place

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Gamla stan #2














Gamla stan is a maze of nooks and crannies. Just as well it’s so small that it’s difficult to get too lost in. By the looks of things, not the cleanest place either, but there’s an honesty about the place that was charming and endearing.

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Rainshower droplets














Gamla stan is reportedly the oldest part of Stockholm. It’s situated on one of the islands that make up the city. The image above was taken after a short rain shower that gave everything a quick wash, including us!

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How to get ahead


This was spotted outside the Fotograf Museum in Stockholm. We had planned on going to an exhibition while we were there, and this was parked outside the old building that housed the museum. Strange and wonderful it was and had us peering at it for some time while we sipped out steaming coffee

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Langebaan #1

Mar17 - 20091129 - 800x600- 2

Some time ago, we spent a weekend away up the west coast. I remember a few images I snapped over the weekend being quite nice, so a brief search through the catalogue turned this up.

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A ghostly morning

Mar17 - 20100709 - 800x600- 5

The image above was taken along the road I routinely travel to work. One morning I had my camera with me for a project I was going to tackle in the afternoon. Needless to say, seeing the clouds and light above made me late for work. Totally worth it!!

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Llandudno feeling old

Mar17 - 20101203 - 800x600- 7

Here’s an image taken at Llandudno beach. I’ve processed it into black and white, and I think it gives the scene an aged and dreamy feel.

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Mar17 - 20100820 - 800x600- 6

Above is an image of a late afternoon/early evening cruise as seen from Green Point against the setting sun.

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Dom Luís I Bridge

Porto bridge














The Dom Luís I Bridge spans the River Douro in Porto between the southern margin of Vila Nova de Gaia, in the parish of Santa Marinha e São Pedro da Afurada. There’s a lower level and a higher one. Both carry pedestrians, while the lower one carries cars, the upper one carries light rail.

Construction commenced in 1881, and the good man Gustave Eiffel was one of the instigators. The span of 172m was the longest for any bridge of its type at the time and I think it’s still quite pretty.

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Tankwa – murky mountains

Mar17 - 20130519 - 800x600- 11

Tankwa Karoo National Park is an amazing place. Our chalet overlooked not much really, just lots and lots of nothingness filled with low scrubby bushes.

The image above was shot with a telephoto into the light. Being an environment with lots of glare means light and dark and not much in between during the day, so here’s a black and white image that I like very much


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