I love travelling. For some reason, seeing new things in new places near and far attracts me like a moth to a flame. I love hoarding the new experiences I find to revisit as if it were only yesterday.

My advice to those who have not travelled, is get out there and travel. It gives one a sense of grounding in where you are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating giving up all that you have to jump on a boat as a deckhand to sail the Seven Seas to find your ‘bliss’. Far from it. I find travel a means to finding out more about myself in the differences that I find away from home.

My wife and I try to make an effort to get away to a new place every other year or so, time and funds permitting, mostly trying to follow our noses with little set agenda other than a random hotel booking here or there, bookended by our arrival and departure dates.

As our list of places visited increases, our list of places on our ‘ To Do’ list increases. At the rate we are going, we shall soon be compelled to visit each country on earth. We’re not sure how this is happening, but we suspect it’s our changing tastes, honed by the experience of travel, the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve met and whose food we’ve tasted.

Travel is part of our essence. Our next trip is never far off. At least in our mind it isn’t.

And who knows? We might even be a deckhand on your next ocean liner cruise!