A sight often seen and savoured

A while back, I posted a sunset view of Hout Bay from Chapman’s Peak Drive on the even of the Cape Town Cycle tour (read about it here).

Today was different – I actually cycled the route for a bit an early evening workout. This was the view that greeted me from the lookout point at the top.
It was my first ride in two weeks, having been away in Israel in-between. Between the break, the wind and the hills, I certainly felt pretty sluggish.

It’d been raining on and off for the past 24 hours, and the wind was brisk. My fingers were cold and I was thankful for the neck buff I’d brought along. Normally I take photographs on my rides with my cell phone. This does a decent job, but today I grabbed my little point and shoot. I was very glad I did. It takes fantastic images, given it’s small size and light weight.


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  1. Pierre says:

    love it Trev! keep cycling and keep taking pictures, you’re great at it !

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