Book publishing

As you (the intrepid read) may have established, we have traveled to a few places. One of the main aims of each trip to to take photographs, as it’s one of the ways that we experience a place. Sure, it’s a little weird seeing a place through a camera viewfinder, and we have to make conscious efforts to NOT become too engrossed in the picture-taking so that it overawes the actual experience itself.

So we try to get a happy-medium, where time is set aside for fun and games, while some time is devoted to picture-taking. Arriving home with 6000 images is not beyond the realms of possibility, and what to do with that amount of digital memories?

You can let them moulder on a hard drive somewhere. You can take them out now and then to look at. Or you can do something MORE. You can print them. On dead trees…

Some images are finding their way onto our walls in our home, while the rest (some of the rest) find their way into self-published books. I use a service called Blurb (online, fast and cost-effective).

Here’ a link to Paris in Black and White

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