Naithon Beach – Thailand

We’ve come to Thailand in the middle of what seems to be monsoon season. This is the time of year when clouds gather, storms brew and the rain falls in sheets from the sky. One looks at old movies of ‘The East’ and imagines that the monsoons are a non-stop torrent of rain that falls 24/7, beckoning Noah’s Arc, but none of that has happened. So far…

Yesterday’s rain found us in the pool. The pool was a large granite-lined one filled with warm water, and we found it rather pointless measuring it in metres, and thought that hectares would be more suitable. Anyway, the water was warm, the rain was cool, so it made sense to be where it was warmest seeing as we were going to get wet regardless. It was quiet a surreal experience, and something I’ll never forget. Which is what I find travel is all about for me… gathering experiences. These last a lifetime (or at least what’s left of mine) and cannot be taken away. This is what travel brings to my life at least.

Naithon Beach01

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