Tankwa Karoo National Park

So a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a breakaway to celebrate our anniversary.

Tankwa would be the place. We’d never been, but had heard wonderful stories of the place. We packed the car for every eventuality and headed to parts unknown. The last 150km were on a dit road. The new 4×4 tyres would prove their worth.

To get there, you drive towards NOTHING. And when you get there, you drive a bit further. You’ll know when you get there…

We were greeted by no electricity, gas stove, gas geyser and miles and miles of empty wonderment. With little light pollution to be seen, the night sky was a joy to behold. The Milky Way shone in all it’s glory, and the days were warm with peace and quiet.

It was a great time, and over far too soon. I’ll leave you with a few images that give just an inkling as to how beautiful the place is.


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