The Shore at Katathani

A mere two hour taxi ride down the west coast of Phuket, and we were checking in at The Shore at Katathani. It’s a tiny hotel, and we noted this but the small number of tables at the restaurant. They claimed to be full while we were checking in, but not even a third of the tables were taken up at breakfast time. This was a low-key affair just a stones-throw away from the beach, with only a rim-flow pool and the obligatory Indian Mynah between us and the azure Andaman Sea.

Last night’s sunset was the first we’ve seen, as while the monsoon season may not be bringing any rain at the moment, it IS bringing clouds every afternoon, and being equatorial, Phuket offers sunsets that are over in a flash. In this case, the flash was one of splendour. This was taken sitting on the floor in front of our bed… Simply stunning!

Room with a view

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