Copenhagen… film in black & white

A few years ago, I did a few trips for work that entailed a long journey through Copenhagen on the way there and again on the way back. It’s a fantastic city. On one trip, my lay-over hotel was a short walk from what they call ‘beach’. Really, it’s a stoney, gravelly stretch lining the body of water between Denmark and Sweden. But, it’s achingly beautiful.

On this particular trip, I’d taken a film camera with me. Travelling with film isn’t the simplest things to do in today’s day and age, as at each opportunity, airport security insist on X-raying everything. I’m not sure whether that plays nicely with film or not, but it’d be a shame to travel all the way there and back to have your memories destroyed by overzealousness.

So here’s one of a couple of images I shot that freezing cold winter’s morning alongside Øresund. In case anyone’s interested, this was shot with Ilford Delta @ 3200. It’s super-grainy, and just gorgeous.


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