Jerusalem at night

Our memory of Jerusalem (while not complete by any means) was that there are three distinct experiences to be had – the Old City (of course) and the nearby newer, trendy area Mamila precinct, or the urban area away from both of the other two.

We experienced the urban area both during the day and night time. During the day, it’s hot and things are a bit sleepy and quiet, but as the day draws to a close, people arrive from work to get the supplies and provisions they need. Clothing stores seem to do a roaring trade and fashion, jewellery and other boutique-type stores stay open until late. It’s a very chilled vibe around this area with most people just going about their lives. The trams runs our a strict schedule, and it always seems to be full of people doing hustle and bustle things.

We were focused on food and photography. And we enjoyed both immensely. Luckily, we brought back some lovely teas and more than enough photographs.


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