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Tankwa – murky mountains

Tankwa Karoo National Park is an amazing place. Our chalet overlooked not much really, just lots and lots of nothingness filled with low scrubby bushes. The image above was shot with a telephoto into the light. Being an environment with … Continue reading

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Seeing as we see

As a photographer, I see my world in a different way to how I’d see it if I weren’t keyed into the visual side as much. And in doing so, I try to capture what I see in a way … Continue reading

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Capturing new images. And finding old ones…

As a photographer, there is a constant desire to be out there shooting new frames in new locations, to try out new ideas or simply to shoot a favourite once more. Now, in today’s age of technology and other geeky … Continue reading

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The whole is greater than the sum of the parts…

‘Hey?’, I can hear say as you give a silent facepalm as you read that title. In a nutshell, a group of things has a value, be that monetary, artistic, or whatever. For the purposes of this blog, we’re going … Continue reading

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And so it began…

My blog Why? Well, you may ask! Why indeed! Why does anyone want or need a blog? Questions, questions, questions. These have run around my head for ages, and not one of them answered adequately. So I’ve decided to take … Continue reading

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