Driven by the murk into the bowels of the earth

We managed an early entry to the world, and began our day as so many other do. With Starbucks. You have to do it at least once. Then off into the city. At first, the Charles Bridge was nice and empty. Devoid of the happy Sunday crowd of locals, it was just us and a few tourists. We made the most of it and got some nice pictures with few people in. We’d decided that today would be a look and see day and went shopping at the Palladium. Seems that Soviet shopping is a thing of the past, and we were greeted by a large mall with many levels, and a basement for parking. And a Mongolian Barbecue for lunch. Wonders of the steam age never cease!

The suddenly, the weather people got it right, and it rained today. And it rained, and rained, and rained.At which point, we decided that we should go play on the underground. It was surprisingly cheap, and we knew from images we’d seen online that the subway stations were quite spiffy. Also, Namesti Miru boasts the longest escalator in Europe. Well, it might as well be the world, as it’s some 85m long, and steep as anything! You can barely see the bottom when at the top. Perhaps that’s just because it’s crammed with people. We’d bought a 90min pass with the view to hopping off at each stop and taking a few shots at each, then catching the next train when it came along. It was money well-spent, as the stations are quite splendid. No Soviet-style decorations here. We can’t wait to try it again.

This is a city of phenomenal contrasts, and surprises around almost every corner.

The gallery for these images can be viewed here.

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